Home cooking


Rachel placed a tomato pizza in front of him and snuck up the staircase to his bedroom. The suitcase lay open on the bed. Her suspicions were correct – he was leaving her. He’d led her to believe he could be more than just her tenant. He’d told her she was special as he bussed her cheek and patted her bottom. And she’d clung to that thought daily while she cooked his meals and ironed his shirts.

Slipping back to the kitchen she removed a small green bottle from the cupboard beneathย the sink and shouted, ‘Oh sweetie, just a minute! I forgot the topping.’

Written for 100 WCGU using the phrase: …the suitcase lay open…


Author: Aileen

A sporadic blogger and writer of fiction, mostly dark, occasionally humorous, always short. An avid gardener who makes it up as she goes along and owner of 3 happy dogs who ensure my life is never dull.

24 thoughts on “Home cooking”

  1. Ha! While I would never condone such a thing in real life, it sure can be fun in fiction. Payback! Well done, I love that we, the readers, know exactly what she is up to without saying it outright. Great last line.


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